Azadeh Keivani

Azadeh Keivani


I am an astrophysicist, studying the most violent phenomena in the Universe using data from several high-energy astrophysical observatories in a multi-messenger and multi-wavelength discipline. I am currently a Frontiers of Science Fellow at Columbia University, searching for jointly emitting Gravitational Wave and High-Energy Neutrino sources. Read more in research

Science education and outreach are among my top interests and activities. I love sharing new ideas and great experiences with the world! At Frontiers of Science, we hope to instill skills of the scientific approach to inquiry and to develop scientific habits of mind, in the context of several scientific disciplines. Read more in education and outreach

Besides physics and astronomy, I love reading books in different genres including fiction, science fiction, self-help, etc. See the list of my favorites in each genre in favorite books.

I write blog every now and then about science, research, teaching, and my observations of the academic world.

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